Monday, May 7, 2007

Shayne & Heather in Shanghai

1- Here is us on stage at the festival. Notice how the backdrop is covered in pictures of the bands performing at the festival and Eclipse is front and center (they gave us top billing on all of the advertizing).

2&3- More examples of the ads I'm talking about. The lightpost ones line the main boulevard leading up to the park.
4- This is the stage view from behind to show the audience area. The people are so warm and receptive here. They don't understand a word we're singing but they are totally into it. They love Kevin's drum solo, the little kids love dancing to the rap, and when we sing the Chinese song we learned they just go nuts. Apparently, the song we learned was the song that the winner of last year's Chinese version of American Idol sang on the finale and released as his first single.

5- This is us outside on of the entrances to Century Park, where the festival is held. The park is huge and very beautiful. In this photo I'm wearing a shirt that I bought here and Heather is on day 4 of wearing the pants she traveled here in because our checked bag ended up in Paris, France. We arrived on a Saturday and didn't receive our bag until the following Thursday. (At least it came, though!)

6- Last night the festival people took us on a river cruise and I got this shot of 'The Bund.' This is probably the most recognizable skyline in the city--the space needle-type building, in particular, is one of the icons associated with Shanghai.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Greetings from Missouri!

A family blog! What a great idea! We need to take some new pics of our recently finished basement (Thank you, Dan and Trisha!) and the kids. Meanwhile, here's a shot of graduation in Dallas from way back in January. It's great to not have school hanging over my head anymore!

The second pic is a bit random, but a good reminder why we all should wear personal protective gear (i.e. glasses, ear plugs, steel-toe shoes, etc.) when working in the yard or in construction. A guy at work caught a nail in his glasses from a nailer (Passlode) that he was using. Would have blinded him!

I do have a couple recent pics of Jayci on my work computer that are worth sharing. "Cheese" just doesn't look the same with a mouth full of crackers. Ta ta!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

3 cheers for Melinda!

Melinda, you rock! Thanks for keeping the Taylor family on the cutting edge.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Welcome to the Taylor family blog!

Welcome to the new Taylor Family Blog! We decided to be cool and trendy by creating a site for the fam. Please share your experiences and photos here so we can better keep in touch. Here are some new pics from the Arizona Taylors (soon to be "Vegans!")

Born to be wild! The boys' constant attempts to ride their toys inside the house.

Jack loves holding his new baby brother. Today Melinda caught him after he had picked Cam up out of his swing and was carrying him across the tile flooor!

Easter Sunday at the Taylors.
Dallin kept trying to crack the hard boiled eggs on the table. He went through a fair number before we could stop him.

Jack and Dallin with the Easter baskets Grandma sent. Jack ran out and had a marshmallow peep stuffed in his mouth within 2 seconds! (still present in the picture)

Cameron has become a smiler and occasionally a giggler.