Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bear Lake with the McPhersons

For this year's family vacation, Heather's family chose to rent a cabin right next to the very beautiful and very cold Bear Lake:

If you're going to go to Bear Lake, there are two things you must do. First, you need to visit one of the several ice cream shake joints (i.e. a raspberry shake at La Beau's) and, second, you need to see a show at the Pickleville Playhouse ( On this trip, we enjoyed a melodrama that was written by former Eclipse man, TJ Davis:

Here we are with TJ and his wife, Erin, after the show. For those of you who don't already know, Shayne will be performing with TJ in a production of "Forever Plaid" this fall. Should be fun! It opens Sept. 11 and goes through Oct. 4 in Logan. I imagine ticket information will be available on the website above in the next little while.

The trip gave Tober a chance to hang with his aunt Shauna:

And aunt Marci:

And grandma McPherson:

The ingenious use of the golf umbrella attached to the baby backpack was Heather's idea:

On this trip, Toby went on his first 4-wheeler ride:

And for his first "swim"--in a lake no less!

We kept him in the shallow part that was reasonably warm and he really seemed to enjoy himself:

And we thought he looked especially cute in his "baby speedo."

Here's Toby frolicking in the lake:

And here he is on his 4-wheeling adventure:

Father's Day in Portland

Eclipse was in Portland over Father's Day weekend. They had a concert on Saturday night and then stayed over to do a fireside on Sunday night:

One of my best friends from high school, Shane Malan, came to the concert with his wife, Jessica. We were able to visit them and their two little boys after the fireside on Sunday. Also, Heather's cousin, Alyssa, had just barely moved to Portland so her husband, Robbie, can go to PA school. They have two cute little girls and we got to stay at their house Saturday night and go to church with them on Sunday. Here is Heather and Alyssa with Toby and their oldest daughter, Emily:

And here's Toby with their younger daughter, Madeline, who is a few weeks his senior:

Heather is a fan of all things miniature, so she couldn't pass up the opportunity to take photos of Tobe on Alyssa's doll furniture:

Here's us on Father's day at the home of the nice family that made dinner for Eclipse:

And here is the group in front of the Portland Temple after the fireside:

Shayne's first Father's Day:

I think October's onesie says it all

3 months old already

Okay, so he's actually FOUR months old now, but here are some shots we took a month ago...

You never realize how much sleep means to you until you have children:
We don't know why, but October prefers a very weird sleeping position:

It doesn't matter what position we lay him down in, he will eventually end up looking like this:

He's really been growing, and we have these next few photos to prove it. Here he is on his boppy at 1 month old:

And again at 3 months old:

His bouncer at 1 month:

And at 3 months:

We'll end this post with a couple of really cute videos. This first one is of the Tobester giving his mom some great giggles:

And this one is but a glimpse of the ever active legs of October Shayne Taylor: