Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween for the undecided

If your name is October, your first Halloween is a big deal. We couldn't decide what costume he should wear, so we tried a few different options. This first one isn't really a costume, per se--
just a cute halloweeny outfit:

This Tigger outfit was given to us by a nice lady in our ward. And the wonderful thing about Toby is that he's the only one.
He's . . . the only one!

Heather couldn't resist dressing him up as a rugby player, especially since she could accent his ensemble with a mini New Zealand All-Blacks ball (a gift from her brother, Eric):

Out of season, we know, but he won't fit in this "Santa's Little Helper" outfit come Christmas:
This costume is either "hunter" or "military" (note the dog tag) and came from another nice lady in the ward. Yes, the Crocs are camouflage as well:

If only we had a mini-Harley to go with this outfit:

In the end, the costume we chose to go with was the one we borrowed from Shayne's sister, Karissa. October looked extremely cute in it, but we had to wake him up from a nap to go to our family parties. This is clearly written on his face:

He looks a little happier in this family shot:

For the occasion, Heather decided to get all Betty Crocker and created these amazing mini-pizzas and cupcakes: