Sunday, May 18, 2008

Costumes and Hairdos

Oh, man, this kid is cute.

And now, for your enjoyment, we present some of the more notable outfits and hairdos of the past month or so, starting with...
the Faux-Hawk:

The Dwight K. Schrute look:

The first swim party:

And, finally, commando clothing compliments of Kristy Schroeder:

See! I told you he was cute!

Photo shoot #2 with Marci

Marci is awesome...

Friday, May 16, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you our first video clip of October. Our son is a very wiggly young man. Heather is just glad that
"Kicky Kickerson" is no longer inside her. She'd much rather
watch it than feel it ;)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

October in April

Here are a selection of shots we took of October last month.
He's getting bigger and more responsive, which is super-fun.
Being a mother is like having 3 full-time jobs. What's that you say? Three 8-hour shifts in a day add up to 24 hours? Exactly.

Aerial view of Toby in his Snuggly.

Side view of Toby helping his dad with the accounting.

There are no words for cuteness of this magnitude:

Toby Taylor.
Combover hairdo.
Zoolander "Blue Steel" expression.

Big kid outfit #1:

Big kid outfit #2:

This is one of Heather's favorite onesies. We got a TON of clothes given to us from a neighbor. They are done having kids, so it was sort of a "going out of business" thing. Accessories provided by Heather's friend, Chandra.

Photo shoot #1 with Marci

So, we haven't posted for a while and we have a lot of catching up to do. The photos in this first post are from Tober's 1st official photo shoot with Heather's sister, Marci, who is a professional photographer:
It wasn't the most successful photoshoot for two reasons. First, Tob was dealing with a little baby acne (which has since cleared up).

Second, he was sort of having a rough day and didn't quite appreciate having his personal space violated.

Despite these obstacles, Marci was able to get some pretty cute shots,
including this one of him in his boppy.

And this one of his little feet.

And this one of his little back.
(Who knew back wrinkles could be so cute?)

He'd better enjoy it now, because they
won't be considered cute later in life.

We did another photo shoot about a week later, but the pics are on
Marci's computer. I'll get them up as soon as I can because
I know there are some gems to be had.