Sunday, October 4, 2009

A few of Tober's favorite things

This will be a fairly random post. These are some recent photos and videos, in no particular order, that show different things that our son is a fan of. Starting with...

Basketball! He is actually a fan of any type of ball, but when he first gets up in the morning his first words are usually, "Ball? Hoot?" He puts a T on the end of words that end in P, like hoop and poop. (When we find that he needs a diaper change, he'll point at his diaper and say, "Poot.") Anyway, this footage is kind of crappy because we inadvertently changed the settings on our camera and didn't realize it until we dumped the footage onto our computer. You'll see in the video that Tober's grandpa McPherson helps feed his addiction. You'll also see that he's a pretty good shot for a little dude.

Dancing! This is Tober showing off his sweet dance moves at a party with his cousins.

Binkies! Tober has been a "binkiphiliac" from the very beginning, and we are now try wean him off of them. Even so, this video of him doubling up is too cute not to share:

Videos! We only let him watch "Signing Time" and "Your Baby Can Read" DVDs, but even with these limited choices he is hooked.

Cheese! He's like a big mouse. In this picture he is eating cheese while watching a video. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot!

Making messes!
He wreaks havoc throughout our house getting into things and, given the chance, he will smear food all over himself:

Cars! In both signing and speaking, 'car' was one of his first words. Again, grandpa McPherson is partly to blame for his fixation. Since Tober was tall enough to stand, his grandpa would let him play in the driver seat of his car while he read books in the passenger seat.

Climbing on things and into things! He is strong, coordinated, and fearless. When he can't get to where he wants, he will pull objects over to use as a stepping stool.
This is him after he climbed on my parents' table and found my mom's glasses:
In addition to climbing into things, he likes to take small objects and insert them into holes, crevices, etc. The cupholders in this cooler lid were just screaming out for his toothbrush and a couple of our measuring spoons.

Shoes! If he isn't wearing shoes, he takes one of two courses of action. The first is to repeatedly sign and say the word shoes until we put shoes on him. The second is to try on mom and dad's shoes:
We know it's probably not appropriate to put this video on our blog but, holy crap, it is cute.

Putting things on his head or hanging them around his neck! We call this first video "Easter Feedbag."

We saved the best for last. We love his unconventional use of our clothes hampers and his beach bucket, but it was his behavior while wearing the bucket that really cracked us up. Enjoy!