Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cars, Cars, and More Cars!

Our son is obsessed with cars:
He likes to move them throughout the house and line them up on things:

It was not a surprise when he fell in love with the Disney movie, Cars. So, for his birthday we bought him some of the Cars characters, which he was EXTREMELY excited about:
He started lining the new cars up as well:

Before we left to Hong Kong, we got him some Cars pajamas and Cars shoes to help him be excited about going to stay with his grandparents for two weeks.

While we were in Hong Kong, we found him a Cars backpack, Cars shirt, and Cars crocks. Then my dad went to a garage sale and bought him a Cars bedspread, Cars pillow case, Cars nightlight, and Cars table & chairs.
It's a little ridiculous how much we've fed the addiction, but it's kind of hard to resist when he's so into it:
Next comes the Toy Story phase...