Saturday, March 15, 2008

Conner Turns Eight!

Okay. Exactly how did Conner go from this...

 this so quickly?!

Cherish those newborn moments with Carter and October, gang!

Of course, you can always have more babies, right? Now that Jayci's too big to call the baby, guess we'll have to wait 'til August for this little guy (or gal) to join our expanding family. Favorite names so far are "Oliver Boliver Butt" (see Dr. Suess) and "August" -- Conner's votes -- and "Skin Face" -- Dawson's Vote. "Carnage" is no longer in vogue. What do you say?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Adventures in Parenting

When you have a boy baby, you learn quickly that you need to cover up his junk while you're changing him. Despite our efforts to do so, October still finds ways to catch us by surprise:

Everything about his little body is just so cute:

I've often thought that boy babies have a lot of similarities to little old men. Most notable are his hair, his hunched over posture, and especially the hair on his back:

Tobe had his first doctor appointment this last week. Our pediatrician said that all babies lose weight after birth and that healthy babies should be back to their birth weight by two weeks. He was 12 days old at this appointment and was already 11 ounces over his birth weight.

He didn't get any shots at this appointment, but they did do the second half of his PKU test, which involves drawing blood from his little foot. They wrapped his foot in a warm diaper to make it
easier and less painful:

They have to get enough blood to completely cover seven circles on their little paper, and they ended up having to poke him twice! We gave him a shot of whiskey to take the edge off. Just kidding! I held him and he was actually very brave:

Here he is trying out his new bouncer for the first time:

He's so little that the safety belt comes up to his armpits:

Most of the photos we've taken of the boy don't actually do justice to how cute he is in person. This one comes pretty close:

Here are a few more shots from this week, just for fun. This is a cute one of him sleeping:

This "Popeye, the Sailor Man" shot cracked us up:

And, lastly, an Eskimo kiss from his mom.