Sunday, April 12, 2009

Taking care of Busyness 2

So, Tober is now14 months old and busier than ever.
He still loves the dishwasher...

And the fridge...

And any garbage can he can get to. We found out a little too late that he likes to gather items from around the house and put them in the kitchen garbage. Before we caught on, we're pretty sure that our DVD remote and all of his baby utensils ended up at the dump.

Tober is definitely one of those kids you have to watch constantly. If you leave him alone for a minute you are likely to find him doing something like this:

This last video shows how energetic he is, but it's also a little embarrassing. You might be a redneck if . . . your baby gate consists of an ironing board propped up by two vacuum cleaners! I know it's about as white trash as you can get, but that's exactly what we used for several months while we tried to find a baby gate that would work. The problem we had was that the post for our railing did not line up with the end of the wall on the other side, so a traditional baby gate wouldn't work because it would be mounted on an angle. I finally found a curved gate and it works great, but this footage remains.

The new gate:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bath time

Tober LOVES to take baths. He'd stay in there all day if we let him.

Before we get to the video footage, I'd like to prove, once again, that he is his mother's son. We took the picture below to try and recreate a photo we found at Heather's grandma's house:

This is Heather with her sister Lora when she was approximately the same age. I don't care who you are--that's a striking resemblance right there!

Here are a couple of other random shots:
Tober's Uncle Jared and Aunt Chrissa think this last one makes him look like Elroy from the Jetsons. Not only do they look alike, but they are both geniuses!

And now for the good stuff. The first part of this video is what happens when he hears the bath running. The second part is what happens when we let him play with the soap:

None of these are these do justice to the actual experience, but hopefully they give you a glimpse at how much he loves bath time.

Tober's first snow experience

I found this snow suit at Kid-to-Kid and had to get it even though it has the wrong NFL logo. How sweet would it have been if this was a Bears outfit? Anyway, these photos were taken in January--Tober was 11 months old and this was his first real experience playing in the snow.

It didn't go quite as well as we'd hoped. We'll let the video below speak for itself.