Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hazards of an Active Lifestyle

So, I'm not really sure while I've decided to share these photos, but there have been a few mishaps at the Taylor household in the last little while and I thought I would document them. Tober is a big fan of the car pictured below, and his cousins love to push him around in it.

We learned quickly that it is not a good idea to let them push him if he doesn't have shoes on, for reasons pictured below:

Speaking of toe injuries, when we were in North Carolina I was playing football with Heather's family on the beach and broke my little toe by kicking Heather's brother in the ankle going for a pass:

It swelled up and turned even darker than the picture above--it looked like a grape. It wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact that I kept re-injuring it by walking into things around the house. When you stub your already broken toe on the leg of a chair, it is not a happy experience. Heather's mom, bless her heart, came up with a solution by fashioning a square sandal of sorts out of a cereal box in order to protect me from me:

It helped a lot. Plus, it was terribly comfortable. I think everyone is going to be wearing these in the future ;)

Tober runs into stuff and falls down a lot, but doesn't usually get much more than minor cuts or scrapes. A couple of weeks ago, however, he tripped in our front room and hit his head on the corner of the cold air return grate. We didn't see the impact and didn't know why he was crying from such a minor fall, then I picked him up and he had blood running down his face from a goose egg that looked like a marble had been inserted under the skin on his forehead. Here's what it looked like after we stopped the bleeding:

He calmed down quickly--he's a pretty tough kid. Even so, I am working on creating some sort of helmet for him out of a Froot Loops box ;)