Friday, February 29, 2008

Who does he look like?

How could you not love a face like this?

We have officially figured out which of us October looks most like.
And the winner is...Heather!

If you weren't convinced by that last shot, I present to you Exhibit A:
a photo of Heather as a baby:

When compared to this shot of me and Toby, I think the
resemblance is hard to deny:

MY baby picture, however, bears a striking resemblance
to a young John Malkovich:

We may be wrong, but we think that our boy, October, smiles more than the average newborn (dozens of times per day). Here's one we captured as he was dozing off after a meal:

We hope he is as happy a child as these smiles seem to indicate because, unfortunately, he's going to have to put up with a lot of stuff in his life based on his parents' desires to get cute pictures. This comb-over shot is one example:

This mini-laundry basket shot is another:

We put him in this basket so we could weigh him easier, but he was so cute it turned into a photo shoot. By the way, he now weighs 7 lbs 11 oz--12 oz more than his birthweight (assuming our postal scale is accurate).

And here's a shot to show the size compared to a regular laundry basket:

I'll end with a shot of the Tob-meister chillin' with his mom:

Our kid is cool.

Take care!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bringing home baby

The last post featured shots of October in the hospital. Let's take a look at the boy we took home on Saturday, shall we? We get a short period of time each day when he is awake and doesn't need something. At those times, he looks like this:

Other than that, he eats, poops, and sleeps:

He's very little and cute:

With all of this world's technological advances, why can't they design bracelets that don't have sharp edges that dig into your baby's legs and feet? Here is our family of bracelets:

Okay, so this is what October looked like when we took him home from the hospital:
And here's what he looked like if you were standing up:
While we're showing him in perspective, here is a close-up shot of him in his bassinette:

And the same shot in size perspective:

In all, life is good. He's doing great and Heather is hanging in there. We couldn't ask for a more good-natured kid--he is just awesome:

Friday, February 22, 2008

October Shayne Taylor

Here he is! Arriving very punctually on his very due date, we are pleased to introduce you to October Shayne Taylor!

This was right after he was born:

This was after he came back from his bath:

This was day 1--shortly after birth:

And again on day 2--we think he's cuter half-naked:

Look at all that hair!
Close up with eyes open:

This shot shows his daddy's hand to put his size in perspective:

We think he was trying to say, "Go Bears!" but he can't quite talk yet:

Close up with eyes closed:

This photo was taken within minutes of birth.
Heather is hiding her pain and exhaustion VERY well:

The ever-popular "Simba" pose:

A first look at his Grandpa Taylor:

Hanging out with his Grandpa McPherson:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Almost there

Well, folks, we're getting down to the home stretch. Since I haven't really blogged before now I am doing this as a test to make sure I know how to put up pictures when the baby comes.

On Valentine's day, we decided our date would be to go to Heather's Dr. appointment and then to the Olive Garden for lunch. Heather had been holding steady at 0 dilation and 50% effacement for the last two weeks, but this week she moved to a 1 and 75% effaced. This doesn't give much of a clue as to the time frame, but at least a little progress is being made.